Office Phone Numbers

Area code is 269 for all numbers.

Vicksburg Administration Building (including staff directory): 321-1000

Administration Building Fax: 321-1078

Vicksburg High School Office:  321-1100

High School Absence: 321-1150

High School Fax: 321-1155

Vicksburg Pathways High School Office: 321-1024

Vicksburg Pathways High School Fax: 321-1055

Vicksburg Middle School Office and Attendance: 321-1300

Middle School Fax: 321-1355

Indian Lake Office and Attendance:  321-1400

Indian Lake Fax: 321-1078

Sunset Office and Attendance: 321-1500

Sunset Fax: 321-1555

Tobey Office and Attendance: 321-1600

Tobey Fax: 321-1655