Elementary Music - Indian Lake and Sunset Lake

Music Notes From Ms. Heintzleman

Grades BK, K & 1:  Students are continuing to build beat and aural listening skills.  The first grade is learning songs about farms.   

Grade 2 Sunset Lake:  The second grade at Sunset Lake is participating in an artist in residence program through KRESA, called PACE where students are learning drama and acting skills.    On February 21, the students will be traveling to WMU to see Accrobuffos, Air Play program.

Grade 2 Indian Lake:  Students are continuing to build their singing, listening and rhythm skills.  Students will participate in folk dancing which helps build social connections, spatial awareness, coordination, listening skills, finding patterns and teamwork.  Students will be learning dances from different cultures.  

Grade 3 : The 3rd grade is preparing for their field trip to the Kalamazoo Symphony on March 13.  They are learning about instrument families and instruments by sight and sound.   Next, the students are participating in activated listening lessons with music written by Rossini, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Bernstein, Montgomery and Andrew Lloyd Webber.   In these lessons, students will connect music to history and learn how to listen and analyze music.

Grades 4-5: Students are continuing to play recorders.  5th-grade students will expand their range to the lower register and learn more complex rhythms.  The 4th grade will be introduced to playing eighth notes and expand their range to the notes C and D.  Through playing the recorder, all students are learning the basics of reading music and playing as part of a large ensemble.  

Thank you,

Mrs. Heintzelman

Patty Heintzelman