Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The Arts are Alive at Vicksburg Schools!

While our schools have many strengths, Vicksburg is known throughout the region as a "Fine Arts District." Beyond its award-winning music programs in Band and Choir, you will find strong programs in Video Production, 2-D and 3-D art, Photography and Drama. With the resources of a veteran staff and the 1,500 seat Performing Arts Center (PAC), VCS has few rivals in the strength of its arts focus.

The emphasis on the arts begins at elementary school, with the music and art classes and multiple presentations by each building at the PAC. The middle school puts on annual productions and has a full-blown band and choir program.

Check out some of the pictures and areas on this page to see how alive we are in the arts!

Why Should Students Pursue the Arts?

If you (or your student) has a slight interest in the or are very highly engaged in this area, there are lots of reasons to take art classes or pursue a career in the arts. Below is a link from an organization called that explains 9 great reasons to consider.

9 Reasons To study Art in High School

What's Going On With the Arts?

Soon, this section will contain descriptions and updates on happenings in various art areas.